The origin

Biokares arises from a real need

It is common knowledge that the research of a product which is good for your skin always turns out to be draining. So it was for the founder, who struggled to find the right product for himself.  

Sometimes the formulations respected the epidermis’ PH, but they were not nickel-free; other times they were sufficient but there were no guarantees (and even less certifications) on the quality of the ingredients. Other times they were still so mild as not to cleanse at all.

Therefore, he found his own formula, which could be both good for his skin and ethic towards the nature, from the beginning until the last part of the production process. At the end of the day, the satisfaction was at its most and the problems were gone!

The Company

At this point, the founder decided not to keep it for himself, sharing it up with anyone who suffered his own problems by building up a reality which respected both the needs of those who have sensitive skin, and those who buy consciously.

From these roots Biokares was born, and from the same roots it will keep growing with several news.

The recipe

Biokares products are as unique as the path that led them to the top of the best BIO, vegan, and nickel-tested products you can find today. The selection of organic and organic raw materials has allowed our soaps to become immediately recognizable, particularly appreciated and loved by the most demanding personalities.

The sensitive commercial-soaps-hating skin has finally found a range of products that respects its delicacy.

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