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Normally for the care of our body, we need to use two different products. Research by the Biokares team has developed a body cleanser that is also a scrub. Try it you will never be able to do without it.

Often the hands are one of those parts of the body that we neglect, obviously wrong. Immediately gives softness and hydration thanks to our hand soap with bergamot scrub.

The skin of the private parts is particularly sensitive and can be prone to irritation, discomfort and infections. This is why it needs a gentle and soothing product. Biokares Intimate Cleanser has a pH value of 4.5 (equal to that of the female private parts) and contains ultra-delicate surfactants.


With our body scrub wash you will have the feeling of being in a SPA directly at your home. Its bergamot scent and coconut flakes inside will make your daily shower an unmissable ritual.

Just replace your old hand soap with our product. From the first week of use you will have the most silky, soft and beautiful hands.

Biokares Intimate Cleanser can also be used in the shower or bath.
Apply a small amount of product on the intimate area and rinse thoroughly.
Suitable for everyday use.

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